Wedding Season

We are deep into wedding season and although weddings can be long and exhausting days, hearing a bride express how much she loves the images makes it all worth it. Having a happy bride and groom is truly what we strive for. We know how important our job is to every couple and we do our best not to miss a moment.
So bring on the high expectations and long days! Our ultimate goal is to make the couple a happy one and give them beautiful memories to last a lifetime.
“Abby and Jen were an amazing team to work with for our wedding. Since we didn’t get a videographer, I knew my photos would be the only thing we would have to look back on and remember our special day so therefore, my expectations were high. Abby and Jen greatly exceeded my expectations and took the most beautiful photos, capturing every moment and detail of our wedding day. They were highly professional, flexible, and made us feel as if we were their most important clients. They made sure we got every photo we asked for. The photos were unique and ones we will treasure forever. Family members described photos as “breathtaking” and “stunning”. Thank you, Abby and Jen, for being an awesome team to work with and capturing such amazing shots!!” -Claire

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