Times to shoot for

Every season has its perks to going on location and photographing outside.  Spring has such beautiful colors and everything is in bloom.  Mornings and late afternoons are perfect for spring sessions.  Summer is fun in the sun, with the morning and evening the #1 time for photo sessions.  Fall has the alluring colors of orange and yellow and we’ve never seen a kid turn down playing in a leaf pile.  Fall seems to have the widest range of time that is the best for photography.  The weather is cool enough and there are still leaves on the trees to provide shaded areas most of the day.  The sun looks amazing when it’s setting through the tall grass and falling leaves.  Winter bundles us in our cute hats and scarfs to keep warm in the snow.  Winter mornings are great for photos-everything sparkles.

There are our favorite times of the day to go outside and take pictures, the time just changes with the season.  Early morning while the sun is still rising or later in the evening when the sun is going down are the best times of the day.  Just after dawn and just before dusk are the “golden hours” for photography.  These times have the best lighting and are coolest times of the day in the spring and summer.  Plus it’s always nice not having the sun in your eyes!  Clouds can also be a blessing in disguise, especially when the sun pierces through and they glow in the background.  Even if there is the threat of rain, clouds make photos look wonderful. 

As always, just ask us when you call to book your photo session! We are available to answer any questions. Thanks for reading!  ~Abby and Jen




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