What to wear

People are always asking us to wear for their photo session… and that’s a good question.  There are different colors that do not photograph well and certain things we suggest to steer clear from.  Very bright reds and yellows never seem to look good on camera. We tend to say not to wear busy patterns as well.  Children, especially newborns, should be sure their clothes are not too big on them. Oversized clothes on a newborn overwhelms their small size and more than likely swallow them up; leaving the parents with a very cute outfit to look at, but no baby.

Family portraits can be a little more stressful when trying to figure out what to wear. Abby and I suggest having a specific color scheme. It’s a good idea to pick 2-3 colors that work well together and have them split between everyone.  Accessorizing with hats, scarfs, necklaces, etc. will help make the portrait pop. Also styling your family with accessories and different color schemes is a great way to show everyone’s personality.  For example, have everyone wear neutral tones and navy blue, but everyone has a small pop of a bright color along with it- using the accessories as the accent color.

You can always ask! When you call to book, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are always here to help! ~ Jen



Precious Newborns

Abby and I are always happy when we get to photograph a newborn.   Their sweet sleeping faces, tiny  hands and feet are so precious.  Newborns are amazing subjects, these early moments go by so quickly and the images we photograph are captured forever… it helps you remember the little things, long after you have forgotten.  

When it comes to newborns, the younger the better! We playfully tell mothers when they are in the hospital with their new babies to first call their pediatrician and then call Limelight Photo Works.  10 days or younger we are able to pose new babies in the most adorable ways and they’ll sleep comfortably throughout the session.  The youngest baby we had the pleasure of photographing was only 4 days old… it went very smoothly!  ~JenImageImage

The comforts of home

Nothing compares to the comforts of home! As photographers, we love when a client invites us into their home for a session. Kids can be themselves and we just make them smile. Sometimes the parents will even get a laugh or two at our expense!
This particular little guy was nothing but smiles for us when we were at his home. We had a lot of fun with him and his family. They heard about us on a blog called 
sisterspushingstrollers.com which has inspired us to start blogging ourselves. So here’s to hoping this is the first of many blogs!
comforts2 comforts1

University of Cincinnati Engagement

We had a great time with these two around the University of Cincinnati campus. We love to go where the couple met, or had their first date… someplace meaningful to the couple makes the photos even better!

University of Cincinnati Engagement photo session

University of Cincinnati Engagement photo session

University of Cincinnati Engagement photo session

University of Cincinnati Engagement photo session

Cincinnati Music Hall Engagement photo session

Cincinnati Music Hall Engagement photo session

Looking forward to capturing the wedding celebrations!