Wedding Season

We are deep into wedding season and although weddings can be long and exhausting days, hearing a bride express how much she loves the images makes it all worth it. Having a happy bride and groom is truly what we strive for. We know how important our job is to every couple and we do our best not to miss a moment.
So bring on the high expectations and long days! Our ultimate goal is to make the couple a happy one and give them beautiful memories to last a lifetime.
“Abby and Jen were an amazing team to work with for our wedding. Since we didn’t get a videographer, I knew my photos would be the only thing we would have to look back on and remember our special day so therefore, my expectations were high. Abby and Jen greatly exceeded my expectations and took the most beautiful photos, capturing every moment and detail of our wedding day. They were highly professional, flexible, and made us feel as if we were their most important clients. They made sure we got every photo we asked for. The photos were unique and ones we will treasure forever. Family members described photos as “breathtaking” and “stunning”. Thank you, Abby and Jen, for being an awesome team to work with and capturing such amazing shots!!” -Claire

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Finally! Spring is here

Spring is definitely here to stay! Think of us when you are booking your spring portraits.  This is a great time to get outside and get some great photos of your family out in the great parks of Cincinnati, or even in your own backyard! Call today!Image





Spring is Coming

Spring is almost here and it seems it has been awhile in the making.

As the sun starts to show itself again and the leaves begin to grow back, we prepare for another great year at Limelight Photo Works.

The warm weather means it’s time to get back outside for fun filled location shoots with our clients and friends! Abby and I love photographing couples, families, and kids playing freely at the park. There are so many great parks in our area. Ault and Alms Park always provide beautiful backgrounds, including playgrounds for the kids. Sharon Woods, Devou, and French Park are so vast and expanding, there always seems to be a new and unique shot to be taken.  And, of course, the new and upcoming Smale and Washington Park which provide city scapes, with an abundance of greenery and Cincinnati landmarks.

We have photographed at all these parks and we look forward to going back to them again and again! Call or email us today to book a spring session at your favorite Cincinnati Park!

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Shutter Babies

There is nothing more exciting than watching a baby grow and develop over their first year. It’s nice for us to get to see so much of our clients, and get to know them and their styles.  By our clients signing up for the Shutter Babies Program, they receive 5 sessions, a photo album of their child’s first year, and images of each precious moment captured forever; newborn, pushing up, sitting up, crawling, and walking.  Over our 3 years, Limelight Photo Works has captured many new babies and their milestones.  Seeing the final product is always a heart-warming experience for us and the parents. We’ve even had a few tears from the mothers during the album viewing! They can be as involved in the album creation as they’d like; choosing the cover image, text, colors, etc. It is easily one of my favorite things to do at the studio. We can’t wait to meet the next Shutter Baby  🙂Image

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has arrived! The days are numbered for the autumn leaves left in the trees. Fall is moving out quickly and the holiday season is upon us! 




Now is the time to start thinking about scheduling a session for your holiday portraits. We are already booking sessions for December! Limelight Photo Works also offers holiday cards that can be customized for you.  Use the images we take from your session and create a special card to send to your friends and family. Take advantage of our November special!

Be safe and have fun this Halloween!



A Spring Wedding

I have been shooting weddings for over 10 years now and I still enjoy meeting new couples and being a big part of their special day. Each wedding is so different and unique, and we love to capture each important moment and detail. One month before the big day, we meet with the bride to discuss her needs and wants from us and to help plan the day. Our experience allows us to make suggestions and maybe even assist in any last minute decisions that have been difficult on the bride. ~Abby

This bride was especially thankful for our long hours, detailed listening, and helpful tips…

“Abby and Jen, Thank you so much for doing the photography for my wedding. Every picture looks AMAZING! I cannot believe you spent the whole day with me. It meant a lot that you were there to capture not only the wedding but all the preparation as well- which contains so many memories. I can be a pretty picky person when it comes to photographing myself so it was awesome that you listened to what I wanted and didn’t just stick to the traditional wedding photos! Your quick creative thinking helped when you gathered all the left over daisies and used them as confetti during the party pictures! It’s exactly what I wanted. And I still cannot believe all the action photos you got on the dance floor! You did such a good job with these photos- I can’t help but smile every time I look back on them! Thank you for capturing my day with my husband and loved ones- you’ve helped create so many memories :)”
~Kristen G.



Look who’s Sitting Up!

Every child at every age is a beautiful and memorable time to photograph them.  Yet there is no time like when a baby is 6 months old. When they can sit up all by themselves! It is nice to be able to place a  baby in a crate, a pot, on a chair, in mom’s lap, or just on the ground in the perfect spot and they will stay there watching us make fools of ourselves while they laugh and giggle at the camera.       


It does make for a more calming experience for everyone, parents included, to not have to chase the model around the studio or the park with a camera. 


So give us a call or email when your baby can sit all by themselves and we would love to capture that precious time in their lives. 


Times to shoot for

Every season has its perks to going on location and photographing outside.  Spring has such beautiful colors and everything is in bloom.  Mornings and late afternoons are perfect for spring sessions.  Summer is fun in the sun, with the morning and evening the #1 time for photo sessions.  Fall has the alluring colors of orange and yellow and we’ve never seen a kid turn down playing in a leaf pile.  Fall seems to have the widest range of time that is the best for photography.  The weather is cool enough and there are still leaves on the trees to provide shaded areas most of the day.  The sun looks amazing when it’s setting through the tall grass and falling leaves.  Winter bundles us in our cute hats and scarfs to keep warm in the snow.  Winter mornings are great for photos-everything sparkles.

There are our favorite times of the day to go outside and take pictures, the time just changes with the season.  Early morning while the sun is still rising or later in the evening when the sun is going down are the best times of the day.  Just after dawn and just before dusk are the “golden hours” for photography.  These times have the best lighting and are coolest times of the day in the spring and summer.  Plus it’s always nice not having the sun in your eyes!  Clouds can also be a blessing in disguise, especially when the sun pierces through and they glow in the background.  Even if there is the threat of rain, clouds make photos look wonderful. 

As always, just ask us when you call to book your photo session! We are available to answer any questions. Thanks for reading!  ~Abby and Jen




What to wear

People are always asking us to wear for their photo session… and that’s a good question.  There are different colors that do not photograph well and certain things we suggest to steer clear from.  Very bright reds and yellows never seem to look good on camera. We tend to say not to wear busy patterns as well.  Children, especially newborns, should be sure their clothes are not too big on them. Oversized clothes on a newborn overwhelms their small size and more than likely swallow them up; leaving the parents with a very cute outfit to look at, but no baby.

Family portraits can be a little more stressful when trying to figure out what to wear. Abby and I suggest having a specific color scheme. It’s a good idea to pick 2-3 colors that work well together and have them split between everyone.  Accessorizing with hats, scarfs, necklaces, etc. will help make the portrait pop. Also styling your family with accessories and different color schemes is a great way to show everyone’s personality.  For example, have everyone wear neutral tones and navy blue, but everyone has a small pop of a bright color along with it- using the accessories as the accent color.

You can always ask! When you call to book, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are always here to help! ~ Jen